September 20, 2013


By Admin2

Yonkers Democratic Party Chairwoman Symra Brandon today released the following statement regarding the Primary elections, and the Democratic Party uniting all countywide and local candidates:


“On behalf of the Democratic Party, I want to thank all of those who ran and had their name placed on the Democratic ballot.  We saw an engaging campaign during the Primary election cycle that got moved hundreds of Yonkers residents to the polls.

“A fundamental aspect of our shared democracy is to provide the people with options — and, I for one, am proud of the candidates that participated in last week’s Primary.  However, now the people have spoken, and we must unite together to support those moving forward into the general election.

“This year, Yonkers Democrats are united in the fight to hold accountable everyone who has played a part in taking our City and County down the wrong path. This November, our communities will elect Democratic leaders across Westchester who are fighting to clean up the mess, fighting for a stronger middle class, cleaner streets, access to quality and affordable health care, affordable housing for everyone, a demonstrated commitment to civil rights and investing in the future of our children.

“I urge Democrats, candidates, District Leaders and Yonkers voters to reach out to each other and galvanize around what must be our top priority – electing Noam Bramson as our next County Executive, securing a Democratic Majority on the County Legislature and the Yonkers City Council in November.”

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